Zakum & Chaos Zakum Prequest


Zakum Requirement(s): Level 50 or higher for Zakum; Zakum expedition consisting of at least five members (they need not all be online, just in the expedition)

Chaos Zakum Requirement(s): Level 100 or higher for Chaos Zakum; Chaos Zakum expedition consisting of at least five members (they need not all be online, just in the expedition)

Zakum Channels: 4, 5, 6, 7

Chaos Zakum Channels: 11

Time Limit for Zakum: 50 minutes

Time Limit for Chaos Zakum: 90 minutes

Restrictions: Enter two times per 24 hours (two Zakums; one Zakum and one Chaos Zakum; two Chaos Zakums)


Stage 1:

  1. Upon reaching level 50, go to the Chief’s Residence map.
  2. Speak to either Tylus (warriors), Arec (thieves), Robeira (magicians), Rene (bowman), or Pedro (pirates), and select “Please allow me to do the Zakum Dungeon Quest.” Afterwards, purchase some potions for the Jump Quest to come. *Note: If you are not experienced with doing jump quests and tend to fall a lot, bring approximately 350 or more HP potions. The potions you bring will depend on your level (i.e. Unagi for some level 50s). For Mages who use Magic Guard, it may be more worthwhile to bring potions that heal HP and MP (i.e. Elixirs).*
  3. Go to El Nath: The Door to Zakum. Refer to the World Map and head towards the Dead Mine area. Taking the VIP Taxi can help save time and avoid unnecessary monster confrontations.
  4. Speak to the NPC, Adobis and select “Adobis’ Mission I: Unknown Dead Mine” to begin the next part. *Note: For efficiency purposes, a party should be brought into stage one. Each person can be assigned to different rooms, and all members can meet at 16-5.*
  5. The goal of this quest is to collect seven of The Key within the 30 minute time limit. These keys can be obtained by breaking open rocks or chests with regular attacks (default key setting for this is CTRL). They are exchanged for Piece of Fire Ore. Five Return Scroll for Dead Mine can also be acquired through this first quest. 30 Paper Documents should be collected and traded for these scrolls.
  6. Refer to the following map. If you do not want the five scrolls, go to the following rooms: 4-2 (rock), 9-2 (chest), 11-1 (chest), 14-1 (chest), 16-2 (chest), 16-3 (Chest), 16-5 (rock)

  7. When all seven keys have been collected, they must be dropped on top of a large treasure chest in room 16-5. In exchange for this, pick up the Piece of Fire Ore.
  8. Speak to Adobis in the main chamber. Ensure that the party leader does not leave until the other members have exited through the portal. *Note: Click here to watch a video on this first quest.*

Stage Two:

  1. Talk to Adobis once again and select “Observe the Zakum Dungeon.”
  2. Complete the two room jump quest. Talk to the NPC Lira afterwards to acquire the Breath of Lava. *Note: Click here to watch a video on this second quest.*

Stage Three:

  1. Hunt for 30 Zombie’s Lost Gold Tooth (from Miner Zombie), or purchase them in the FM.
  2. Trade these teeth along with the Piece of Fire Ore and Breath of Lava to obtain the Eye of Fire. This item must be dropped on Zakum’s alter in order for the monster to be summoned.



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